Dear Lovers, (you guys should know that I am referring to you three)

       How are you guys lately? Everything alright? Sweetie and Precious, thanks for the caring when I said I was tired on msn. Especially Sweetie, that meant a lot for me. It has been a long time since I talked to any of you guys, esp someone named Honey.

       Today as I was trying to find some email in my mailbox, I found myself reading the old entries that we did under the threatening of Precious. Ah~ the old days, which I miss a lot~ So, what I decide is to restart writing my entries here. Feel free to reply~ Let me know you guys are still alive. I know Precious is...barely~ Haha~

       First, I should let you know that I am still hanging on. Darling is not yet in the graveyard. I find myself really tired recently probably because of my work as all of you know. Let's just say nothing is going right in my work, sigh... The details I will hold until I see you guys in person next February. By the way, I am coming back on Jan 31st. Be sure to welcome me home oh~

       Around 1 to 2 weeks ago, I was really tired of my work and I wanted to quit my job. But money issue is holding me back (I gotta make a living XD). One day, I almost had an argument with my boss. (very brave, I know) When I got on msn that day, surprisingly my bro was on too because he had a day off from work. When I saw the msg he sent over I almost cried. Guess what the msg was..."yo, baka." I wanted to cry not because he called me baka, strangely, I knew he was worried because on my msn screenname I said I was very tired. I scared myself at the moment. As you guys know I don't cry often. That moment tears almost ran out of my eyes and I wanted to say I want to go home. After all, there is really no place like home. Of course, that night it was hard to fall asleep. However, the very next morning, I got on msn and I saw Sweetie's msg. I was very touched. Sweetie, I sense your love~^_^ And, that made me want to go home even more XD. Anyway, I am glad I am loved by many, even though there is a Pacific Ocean across between us. Precious, I also sense your love and thank you for chatting with me all the time and telling me what's going on with Sweetie.

       Ah~ this entry is getting too long XD. I should end it here. Good luck with you guys.

PS: although the category is titled "Daily", but I doubt that it would be XD...



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