Dear All,

        Well, well, well....I am happy all three of you replied. Glad to know that you are still alive, Honey~^_^ Today was another busy day for me. I yelled at a kid and I made him cry XD... You guys will be surprised how many kids I have yelled at. This "chubby" kid is very naughty and impolite and sometimes rude, but he should thank God who gave him a somewhat cute face. He is hilarious most of the time. More precisely, he is one of our (referring to all my co-workers) toys. He doesn't follow teacher's directions and seldom do his homework. Well, all of the teachers think he has ADD or ADHD, but his parents won't admit it. This boy has a twin brother, who is just as naughty as he is. Frankly, I think their mom gave up on them. Mom goes to work early and comes back home late. She really has no interest to take care of the boys. And so what happens when one doesn't want the responsibility? Of course, their parents have to come out and settle the issue. I feel sad for their grandparents. They are about 60yrs old and they have to chase after two little devils. Wow~ Amazing, isn't it? I had a funny conversation with their former English teacher. That teacher said, "I really think they (referring to the twins) have ADD. It's not just attention problem. It's that they can't sit still for 3 minutes." I was nodding and responded, "Yeah, but their mom claimed that the doctor said they are not." He then made a funny face, "Who is the doctor? We should ask him to have a day with the twins. He will soon change his opinion." By then, I was laughing out loud and so I replied, "Haha, it really doesn't take a day to notice that fact. Just one hour with them and the doctor will probably tell their mom that these two boys need medication."

       Funny thing is today while I was in the office with my boss and co-workers, I said "man, there is still a month until I can go home." Boss asked "Do you think of LA as your home or here?" When I heard the question I knew what to expect. However (for me who truly believe in honesty is a virtue), I replied "my family is in LA. Of course I think of there as my home."  After work, I went out with my co-worker and she told me "Boss was asking me didn't you want to stay in Taiwan." What ran through my mind was "Yeah~ after working here for a year has really made me want to go home."

       Anyway, that was my day. Everyday I am tired of going to work and once I am on the job I yell at the kids. Oh yeah, today I yelled at a bunch of kids who didn't follow my order while returning from their Chinese school.  I am such a great and caring teacher, aren't I? You guys would sure hear many stories about parenting when I return home XD~ Just an advice, please don't let your kids turn out to be brats...If somehow they turned out to be brats, make sure you keep them at home and lock them inside XD. Man, I have soooo many funny stories about the kids to tell you guys. Although after hearing some of them will probably make you guys re-think about having a kid.

       Oops, another long entry. By the way, Precious, did you end up moving your blog? Send me the link oh~ Love you all. I can't wait to see you guys in Feb.



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