Dear All,

       Today is another busy day. There is a kid that is so not cute. He didn't finish his English homework and so I asked him how come he didn't do his homework. Guess what that kid told me...He said "I don't have time." Being an extremely violent teacher, I said "What the hell do you mean you don't have time?" (well, not exactly the word I used, but...) I am not surprised since all of us know the boy has many excuses. We basically categorized him as "nothing is ever my fault" type, which happens to be one of those that I hate. I read his Chinese teacher's comment and apparently today he was late for school and his excuse was "the red light made me wait for too long and therefore I am late."  I have no problem imagining what his parents are like -_-||.

         Another retarded kid claimed that his teacher bought pen and gave it to him. And so the parents wrote a thank you note, but it turned out that the teacher never bought him anything -_-|||. He borrowed money from his friend and bought it himself, but he told his parents his teacher gave it to him. What a retard....(although I sound mean, but...)

       Anyway, I had a weird dream last night. I dreamed about going to the beach at SD... It was a weird dream though...



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