Dear All,

       Ah~ How's life? I hope everything is going right for you guys.  Alrite, joke for the day.  As you probably know, most of my co-workers are going crazy with the job too and this is what happened today. We were decorating the classroom with Xmas decorations and on a big big window, we drew a Santa and a reindeer.

Me: The Santa should be holding roses.
co-worker: what the? Santa is not proposing to the reindeer
Me: why not? and we can make the Santa say "would you marry me?"
C-W: -_-||| Yeah, your version of beauty and the beast?
Me: I wonder who is the beauty and who is the beast...
C-W: ................................

       Ok, that was gay....I know....

       I happened to be listening to Korean songs for the first time. Well, what can I say....I don't understand any of the lyrics....well, only the english part XD. I have been listening to Shinhwa's songs lately...Not bad, although I have no idea what the heck they are singing, but I can guess with the English XD. Well well, precious and honey, I am sure we will be watching many stuff together XD. I will make you guys watch my diamond's concert with me~ Yeah~ Diamond~

       I am going to Japan next wk, which I am looking forward to~XD  Anyway, pray for me so I don't get lost in Japan.



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